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Alright already.When we last talked, I was in Portland, Oregon, I believe. So we’re going to speed ahead now, and hopefully I can put some linear sense to my entries, but if not, too bad, so sad. Mainly I want t o get some photographs and videos, and maybe an audio or two, up on the site. My memory not being what it was (since yesterday say), they will be some sketchy parts here and there, but I trust you all to suss it out and end up complimenting me for my witty remarks, andĀ gorgeous photos.And one more think: WordPress only give me so much space, so I may find myself going back and deleting some pix and clix. Read it and weep my friends. So let’s whiplash back to Minneapolis and catch the Fourth of July fireworks from Nancy Herrick’s 19th floor condo at Le Rive, St Anthony Main, on the east side of the Mississippi River.


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