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I traveled out of “the Valley” (San Joaquin: breadbasket to the world) going north up Highway 99, the old one that parallels I-5. At Red Bluff I turned west on Highway 36 going west, going towards the coast, going to coolness. In Red bluff the temperature was 102F, and I was toasty enough. Highway 36 was a real E-ticket ride, twisting and turning, “Slow to 15 mph” kind of road. I got a Dr Pepper at Wildwoods Cafe & Store, then reached a summit at around 4,000 feet elevation. From there, I could look north and see the Trinity Alps. Getting cooler by the mile now. Ever vigilant for bicyclists, huffing and puffing alongside the road. don’t they know this is a petroleum based world? Geesh. Then I came to Swains Flat, expecting to see one person behind the counter of the store, selling some canned goods to a local. Much to my surprise, there was a party going on! Turns out, Sky Blue’s home was damaged in a fire, and the community was having a fundraiser to help her out. Count me in. Music, BBQ chicken and cole slaw, beer and sodas, and a couple of vendors selling crystals. I had a dinner plate and went back for more – napkins. The closest I got to finding out about Eric Johnson, my former boss, was a neighbor of his, who had moved into her house a year after I left. Oh well. Eric died in 1981 anyway, and so it goes. I was tired after the heat, the miles, and I needed to reset my eyeballs from all the focusing I did on 36. So I moteled up in Fortuna at a bare bones motel. A great Mexican restaurant on the other side of the road met my needs. From there I visited Arcata the next day, dropping by US Servas and Humboldt State University. (See yesterday’s entry.) Here’s some Highway 36 scenes.

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Seems like America has to take a whiz really bad, ’cause they passed right by this guy, a busker, who was singing his heart out, and doing a pretty good job too. At a rest stop north of Santa Barbara, drivers would pile out of the vehicles, race for a pit stop, and get right back on the road, without giving Dayce a look. Not me. So while he sang some originals and some covers, I sat and listened for a while, while tossing a Frisbee with his dog. I recorded some personal history (Dayce Angel) and also this song, “Another You,” on my digital, tipped him, and that was that. Oh yeah, I took a…I did my business, too. He recorded this a couple of years ago in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. He says it’s his fave, and I can see why.

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First Chair, violin

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra at Normandale Lutheran Church
L to R: Elizabeth, Mary, Vie, David, Debbra, Diana, Susan, Mary Ellen
Polina chats with conductor Dr Schrickel
“It’s a small world after all…”

March 25, 2012 found thirteen of us experiencing Minnesota’s own Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. The 80+ members are all volunteers (and all professional musicians I believe) and perform for donations only. What a high caliber, enthusiastic group they are! The program that day (taken from their website  http://www.msomn.org/SeasonPrograms/RussianMasterpieces/tabid/313/Default.aspx ):

Vincent Youmans/Dmitri Shostakovich – Tahiti Trot (Tea for Two)

Polina Nazaykinskaya – Winter Bells

Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony #10 in E minor, op. 93

William Schrickel, conductor

 The composer Polina was hearing her composition Winter Bells performed for the first time. Dr Schrickel and she had a wonderful chat between the presentations. Under “it’s a small world” department, Polina and our fellow attendee, Gulya (Vie) lived not far apart in Russia. Afterwards we had dinner up the road, and all went home satisfied in more ways than one. Thanks to Diana for organizing these events for OSC.

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