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Although Hilltop Diner is now under new management, the food is still the same, especially the burgers (more on that in a bit). My family, now a three-pack, visits Hilltop on the date of her birthday. It was Jay’s fave family restaurant, and she always ordered – drum roll please – a burger. (It will serve everyone well to know that Jay considered a well-rounded meal to be, what else – Spaghettios!) For the past seven years we would show up, and set a plate for her: burger, plain, fries, and Diet Coke. After removing all the condiments that we requested be removed in the first place, we would then draw straws to see “who got The Job.” Bradley did The Job this year, and expertly spread the catsup edge-to-edge over one side of a bun. It was then up to me to “steal” one french fry, which I did with relish – pun intended. The past few years found Spencer in NYC of all places, and he bought her a bag of Peanut M&M’s. May has been our wait staff for most of these years, and -red faces here – she was the one who remembered the Diet Coke. Lord almighty, we would have never lived that down if we had forgotten.

I love my beautiful bride, no matter what her address is…and so it goes.

One of Jay’s legacies is her almost mystical recreation of dolls, into lifelike babies, called Reborns. Many women and girls in our extended family were given one to remember Jan by.

WeeBit at 15 years of age

WeeBit, when Jay brought her home, I considered a “dead kitten walking” although she didn’t walk much. Dehydrated, emaciated, small beyond belief, Jay sat with her in her arms at the bottom of the stairs for two weeks. She nursed her from a sure demise, into the wonderful cat she is. After WeeBit’s mom moved on, the cat-that-would-not-die, began following me, and she continues to do so today.

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One down, two to go. My birthday passed with relative ease. Most of my friends and most of my family (NY Jets were busy licking their wounds I guess…) either called, e-mailed, Facebook-ed or dropped by. The birthday cards were clever, cat-centric,  and sent with the best of intentions, I’m sure. Dinner at Bill & Regina’s, with Linda and Nancy, was nutritious and conversational. So, one down: the Birthday.

Next stop? Thursday, January 27th, 2011, 8:00 a.m.. This will be my last day on the job. Thirty years in telecommunications, P T & T, Pacific Telephone, Pac Bell, US West, Qwest. Over four years of working nights, midnight to eight, weekends included. From tip & ring, to fiber, PBX to VOIP. Quite a ride. I feel immense gratitude to these corporations for allowing me to raise my family. The income that provided the wherewithal to feed, clothe, house, and insure medical, dental and vision care in the process. I only wish the same “benefits” for my sons, and others who comprise the unsung American heroes of tomorrow. I’ll be off the books January 31st, and that’s that.

My retirement breakfast is on Friday, January 28th, at Milda’s in Minneapolis NE. Pictures and remarks to follow.

On Saturday, February 5, I’ll having an open house of sorts. People can drop by, get a bite to eat, chit chat with friends, and go about their way. February 8 I leave the state of Minnesota for a visit of indeterminate length…stay tuned!

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