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I traveled out of “the Valley” (San Joaquin: breadbasket to the world) going north up Highway 99, the old one that parallels I-5. At Red Bluff I turned west on Highway 36 going west, going towards the coast, going to coolness. In Red bluff the temperature was 102F, and I was toasty enough. Highway 36 was a real E-ticket ride, twisting and turning, “Slow to 15 mph” kind of road. I got a Dr Pepper at Wildwoods Cafe & Store, then reached a summit at around 4,000 feet elevation. From there, I could look north and see the Trinity Alps. Getting cooler by the mile now. Ever vigilant for bicyclists, huffing and puffing alongside the road. don’t they know this is a petroleum based world? Geesh. Then I came to Swains Flat, expecting to see one person behind the counter of the store, selling some canned goods to a local. Much to my surprise, there was a party going on! Turns out, Sky Blue’s home was damaged in a fire, and the community was having a fundraiser to help her out. Count me in. Music, BBQ chicken and cole slaw, beer and sodas, and a couple of vendors selling crystals. I had a dinner plate and went back for more – napkins. The closest I got to finding out about Eric Johnson, my former boss, was a neighbor of his, who had moved into her house a year after I left. Oh well. Eric died in 1981 anyway, and so it goes. I was tired after the heat, the miles, and I needed to reset my eyeballs from all the focusing I did on 36. So I moteled up in Fortuna at a bare bones motel. A great Mexican restaurant on the other side of the road met my needs. From there I visited Arcata the next day, dropping by US Servas and Humboldt State University. (See yesterday’s entry.) Here’s some Highway 36 scenes.

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