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As I’ve alluded to before, I went in search of George Duke’s burial in Shingle Springs, 1867. I had nice chats with Diane in the Depot Diner, and George Turnboo in El Dorado. Goose eggs all around. I’ll need to get the specifics from my cousin when he can find them again. It was a nice drive down Highway 49, through Auburn, across the American River, twisting and turning all the way. The cherries I got from a roadside vendor in El Dorado were quite sweet and delicious. I did get a goodly dose of local history on this day trip. For one thing, most of the cemeteries are abandoned, even built over, or in general disuse. The Shingle Springs Cemetery is not one of those. The Boy Scouts do maintenance work, and the State of California has jurisdiction for internment issues.

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As I said below, Tony is the consummate host at this out of the way location. I regret not taking more pictures of the surrounding structures, which at first glance see to replicate and old frontier town. I will endeavor to return and make amends. I’ll say it again, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. I might add that he considers himself a small businessman, and related that his friend in North Dakota paid a one time fee of $85 to start up his aggregate business, while Tony pays many, many times that amount – annually! He mutters “California government” now and then in our conversations. Here’s some pix:

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