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I was on the road at 3:00 am this morning. One plus about leaving at the gawd almighty hour: no traffic. That’s saying something about Denver.And it seemed le I was in a whirligig, cover five freeways before I got onto I-70. I set the Garmin to show me the elevations as I did the next 775 miles. Denver is in fact Mile High. And then it went higher and higher and higher, finally reaching the summit of 11,000 feet. All within 45 miles. The speed limit as I remember was 75 mph, which I kept to for the most part. There is┬áplenty of signage – too much, in my headlights they’re a real distraction most of them – and slowed down once or twice. The Eisenhower Tunnel speed limit was 50mph though. I was the only one close to that, as everyone else was pedal to the metal.

When I reached Utah, the day was breaking, and as the sun crept over the horizon (sound familiar?) I found an overlook and stopped to take some pictures. They’re posted on FB for now, but when I have time, I’ll add them to the narrative. When I-15 veered off from I-70, the craziness began. Huge caravans of 50+ drivers ass to nose going 85mph+. I never did find a driver to hide/follow behind, not even a semi. Eventually the teeming masses dissipated and driving returned to normal. When I got to Las Vegas, it turned out that I skirted most of the traffic to get to my AirB&B where I am writing this now. Bob & Saauna are my hosts, and very nice people, friendly and helpful. Shauna recommended Gordon Biersch for some craft beer and a burger. I am now officially ready to hibernate. On the way back to my car, Linda texted me from Mojave Valley in Arizona, and guess what? She & her sister are on the way I was going back! It will be fun seeing her again.

To sleep I go…typos will be correctly later…

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Not high in Mile High

Almost another 500 miles and I’m now settled in the AirB&B in Denver. Since I’m leaving for Vegas almost 800 miles down the road, I’m going to leave when I waken – the earlier the better. Gas is $2 and holding, so that’s good for road tripping. (Recreational ganja is $40 for an eighth. And it’s an-no to take it out of state, so don’t ask you guys. Anyway, the stores are closed now, so there)

When I left Lincoln NE, it was 7F, and when I got here, 67F. I did a strip tease on the way. Down to my henley when I arrived. The speed limit on I-70 is 75 mph, and for the first half of the leg, I got 24mpg, buffeted by the winds. The last half my mileage went up by 2mpg, all this doing a steady 75. I passed trucks, everyone else passed me. I stopped to see a sod house in Gothenburg, NE. A little way up the road, was an original Pony Express station. A hundred miles later, out in the middle of nowhere (and there’s plenty of nowhere there) I ate a Lucy’s Diner. Half full with nothing but ranchers and farmers, with an antiquated PC streaming related news in the corner. Burger & fries: $8.

I flesh out these entries when I have more time, but these brief update will remind where I’ve been. Tomorrow I’ll no doubt be totally wiped, so there.

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One down, three to go

First of all, I am very very tired, and a bit grumpy, but I put my toes in the water, and here I am, in Lincoln, NE. One for three “little” legs on my way to visit family and friends on the Left Coast. Home Sweet Home. My nervous energy is dissipating thanks to a pastrami burger from Barry’s Tavern. Very good burger. This being Nebraska, they served no craft beers – really. But Bud Light & Coors was $2 on tap. It was served cold. And Kaylin kept me company while I scarfed.

Speaking of temperatures, twenty degrees warmer 450 miles away from MN.NE has a silver lining after all. Then there was sunlight. Two pluses and counting. I can take one night anywhere.

Alright, the blog is going again. Next is an AirB&B in Denver, then the long stretch to Vegas – 775 miles. I can do it, I can! You might ask why there’s no pictures – did I mention I was in Nebraska? ‘Nuf said.

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