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When will I…?

As WCCO TV News asks: Good question. When will I leave – for points unknown? Anytime after Feb. 14. That’s when. Here’s the rub: I got stuff to do, oh boy, do I ever! For starters, my company GraveSite Groomers is between campaigns, so it would seem we have a lull in the action, Ha! Getting wholesalers, printings, database online and the home office ready for action, is taking time. Then there’s the tax issues, and I’m right up there with Mitt and his peeps, getting that straightened out. The homestead is coming along nicely, de-cluttering in progress. Of course, de-cluttering leads to four exit streams: trash, recycling, donations, and then there’s the “eBay Project.” My talented and creative wife amassed a great deal of arts and crafts material. Dolls and doll accessories, knitting and crocheting from skeins to machines to patterns, paints and paper, and more. Quite a bit of this treasure trove is being donated, especially the knitting & crochet items. But the dolls and the accessories are going on eBay, and that means inventory control, pictures, shipping boxes, bubble wrap, and yikes – those rascally peanuts!

The Outback is primed and ready. I’ve been collecting camping and traveling gear as the de-clutter goes on, and will take with me a modicum of self-sustaining articles: camp stove, mini-soft-sided cooler, roadside/emergency bags, sleeping bag. Yes, the Subaru can, in a pinch, convert the passenger side to a relatively comfortable sleeping accommodation. (Or so I’m told.) Then there’s 17 kilos of maps and Trip-tiks from AAA-Minneapolis (thanks to Susan, the back-roads Queen). I’ll endeavor the take the roads less traveled to be sure. That said, I’m a close to civilisation as the next GPS satellite or cell tower. My Garmin has proved it’s worth over and over, 5″ screen and resource locator, like motels, campgrounds, and points of interest. Internet and e-mail means plugging my G2 Smartphone into the Mac Book Pro and away we go! Three power points (cigarette lighters…) in the car will keep all my toys charged and ready for action. Three USB ports will channel your phone calls to my hands-free speakers, and keep the iPod touch available for podcasts and music not available through XM Radio. Connected.

Like I said, I will be away, far away at times, but as close as I need to be to track my travails – I mean travels – as I wend my way across our US of A.

When will I….? Soon, real soon.

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I would like to thank my family and friends for reminding me it’s my birthday. Thank you. I really thought I could segue into today with nary a word, or activity, being said or planned. No such luck. Tonight, Uma is taking me to Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see – experience? – Hairspray. A friend of ours, Aimee Bryant has a lead role in the production, and it will be great to see her again in action. We will be accompanied with 22 others guests from Our Spiritual Center, my metaphysical & teaching church of choice. To make this happen, I will drive downtown Minneapolis, retrieve Uma from her work, drive out to Chanhassen, and afterwords back to MPLS. Good thing I love driving, eh? Wednesday is similar, where we will attend a dinner party, with meatloaf, at Nancy Herrick’s condo in MPLS. Her home is on the 18th floor overlooking the spillway & locks of the Mississippi River. [As an aside, I will never ever forgot my introduction to this mighty river as it flows through the city. The sight, the sound, the spray! Awesome.] Another party Saturday afternoon, a lunch with Tom Majerus Friday, meditation on Thursday (timeline going backwards, oh well), and some snow blowing if I can work it in. [I did] It’s not really needed, but the temperatures are going to rise above freezing, and I’m trying to prevent a ice buildup. Okay, my birthday is acknowledged, now off for an appointment with Scott Simpson, financial advisor. Oh yeah, it’s senior day at my co-op, 5% off – and when you’re talking organics, 5% is a big deal!

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