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I guess I’ll start packing.

Laundry first, then breakfast, then catch up on some TV….or not. Garmin maps have been updated, Mac Book Pro charged up and ready to go. HTC G2, check. iPod touch, check. Mitch’s CDs in car player, check. Vitamins. Skivvies. Sunscreen – oops – no have right now. Will buy when I get south of the 38th parallel. Hotel reservations for Princeton, IL, check. Pet WeeBit. Velcro-ed Troll-ette to dashboard. Give Brad $35 for food. Oil changed and tires rotated. Found extra USB port in Media Hub console – woo woo! Kleenex. Picked up TripTiks from AAA yesterday, and along with the TourGuides, total weight over twelve pounds – not kidding. If I get lost, it’s my own damn fault. Actually, I kind of expect to “get lost” taking the Gray Roads come to think of it.

First stop is Oglesby, IL which is near both Starved Rock & Matthiessen (thank you Amber) State Parks. First sequence of photos will probably come from there. I will be leaving the Metro area down Highway 61┬áinto Dubuque, IA. I’m looking for some early morning pix with the sun rising over the Mississippi (that name is fun to type, isn’t it? Miisiisiipii – whee! You do it your way, I’ll do it mine). The Old Man is supposed to crest in Minneapolis today, but I will join up about thirty miles south of the Twin Cities. Well, Princeton/Oglesby is about 400 miles from here, so a bit of driving to get me out of Dodge. See you there.

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I know, I’m mean. I have no excuse for Brad, but Spencer is/was reading the Handbook on Data Communications and look what happened! Both pix taken November 2004

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